The Uprising

The Uprising - Kachi Ugo I received an e-copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

I am sorry, but I hated this book. It took me months to finish what should have been a day to read. The world building was very poorly done. The book was only 86 pages and around page 70 or so a new concept was introduced to the world, and the world itself wasn't interesting enough for me to forgive such late information dumps. There was a goose trail laid down where Sarah thought that her husband had betrayed her, and then suddenly he's swooping in to save her. Plus, we have the added aspect of going back and forth in time, and knowing that Daniel was the reason the baby was kidnapped, and that for some reason he was also responsible for the guy who kidnapped the baby in the first place taking him back.

I hated all of the characters. I thought I would like Sarah in the first scene when her child was stolen, but in the next scene she was presented as a ruthless leader who was using people by telling them she was fighting for them, when she was only looking for her son. She knew when she sent all of those people into battle, that her attack was not the surprise she thought it would be, but she sent them in anyway. Then the author spent the rest of the book trying to make her seem more sympathetic with her self blame, as though she didn't know that all of those people would die if she sent them into battle, but did so anyway because she wanted to get her child back (that's understandable) and was willing to do anything, to kill anyone, in order to achieve her goal (that is despicable.)

There were also grammar errors and awkward sentences throughout the book.