When the Help Desk Isn't Manned (rant)

— feeling angry

So. A few months ago I created my Booklikes account. I happily activated it and told my phone and computer to keep me logged in. A month or so later I got a new phone. Imagine my surprise when, upon trying to log in, I was told I needed to put in the verification code. Feeling the need to prove I could log on without the verification code, having, after all, already done so several times, I foolishly logged out of my account on my computer. You can guess what happened next: I tried to log in, but couldn't because I needed the verification code. The problem is that my old phone had been running out of space, and to make room I'd deleted my deleted items--including the Booklikes verification email, and unfortunately there is no "resend verification email" button on Booklikes.


Since that time I have emailed Booklikes many times begging for help, but I have received no indication that they ever saw my emails. My only access to my Booklikes account comes from using my old phone (which is the only reason I was able to post this,) which I would very much like to retire, but I don't want to lose my Booklikes account.


Why does Booklikes have an email if they aren't going to look at the help requests they receive? How can I get a verification code so I can get my account back? Will I have to just start over with a new account? Why doesn't Booklikes like me?