Landline - Rainbow Rowell This was not a very good book. I thought that it was YA but I don't actually think it was. There was too much use of the f word. YA books will use just about all the other cuss words in the English language, but they don't usually use the f word. Plus the main characters were thirty-something. Late thirties even, and in YA books the characters are rarely over the age of twenty-four.

The book just didn't hold my interest. I wouldn't have even finished it if I hadn't been listening to it on audio book. I didn't care that much about any of the characters. I felt bad for Georgie's kids because it's hard to have a parent who acts like the most important thing in their life is work. I felt bad for Georgie because her husband, what was his name? That's a record, for me to forget a character's name less then five minutes after I finished reading it. Anyway, I felt bad for Georgie because her husband wasn't very nice to her. I felt bad for Georgie's husband because she acted like her job was way more important then him or their daughters. There's nothing wrong with loving your work, but she was more in love to her job then him. I felt bad for Georgie's best friend, who's name I also don't remember, because he was in love with Georgie and missed his chance to be with her. So I felt sort of bad for all the characters in this book, but I never really cared about what happened to them. I also felt that it was sort of weird that Georgie didn't tell her husband that she'd been talking to his past self and find out that he had never realized that when he was talking to her that weekend that he was talking to her fourteen years in the future.

Even though I felt bad for the characters, I never really cared for them. It was really more like I felt pity for them. I think the only thing that I really liked in this book was that it was shown that marriage really is hard. You have to work at it, and I guess I liked that it looked like Georgie's marriage wasn't going to end (at least at the end of the book, who knows what will happen in the years out past that unless Georgie stops neglecting her family for her work. But mostly I really didn't care about this book or its characters. I was trying to decide whether I'd give the book one star or two, but I think I'll just give it one. I saw in other people's reviews that they thought Rainbow Rowell's other books were better, so maybe I'll give some of the other ones a chance yet, but I do not recommend this book.