Sarah's Key

Sarah's Key - Tatiana de Rosnay I enjoyed Sarah's heartbreaking story. It felt like something that truly could have happened in that awful time. It was hard to read parts of the story because of the atrocities. My heart broke for Sarah. I really liked Julia and I am extremely glad that she kept the baby, and didn't give into her jerk of a husband, but there were things, well, characters more like, that I didn't like, and that is what made Julia's part more difficult. And I hated the ending. It was nice and kind of sweet, but it didn't wrap the book up in a very satisfying way. I suppose there was really no way to end this tragic story in a way that was satisfying, but I wish that I would have felt the end of the story in a more definite way.

I'm having trouble reviewing this one for some reason, so that'll have to do.