Please Don't Remove MarGreat's Glasses!

Please Don't Remove MarGreat's Glasses! - Josh Baker I first became interested in this book because it was on the Catholic YA Fiction list. The description and excellent ratings added to my desire to read it. However my library ignored all of my requests that they buy it. It was Gina Marinello-Sweeney's complimentary review that finally convinced me to just buy it myself. I was not disappointed. I could not put it down. There were a couple of minor spelling and grammar errors, but I could always figure out what had been intended, so I didn't mind very much.

Although Timothy is irritating at first, I think that this was intended, and he became more likeable as the book went on. Chapter 28 was by far my favorite part. I think I read it ten times. In spite of the fact that the book clearly says that Lucas was sixteen, for some reason I imagined him younger, and in my imagination I think that I stretched out the time between chapter 30 and chapter 44. But this didn't really bother me in reading.
The MarGreat comics were really clever and I really enjoyed the story. The writing style was impossible to put down and the characters seemed real.
There were a couple characters that I really want to know what happened to after the story ended. Lucas, Timothy's sisters, Abby Anderson, and Angelo particularly. I'm also curious about Miriam's backstory.
This is a wonderful book and I think I will be rereading it.