A Week in Winter

A Week in Winter - Maeve Binchy Frankly, I was somewhat confused by this book. There was a different chapter for each of the people working in Stonehouse, and a chapter for each of the people who visited it inn its first week open. No one's stories had entirely satisfying ends. The author tried to fix this by having Freda predict for them exactly what they wanted to hear. Miss Nell Howe's chapter was particularly confusing. Told partly from the point of view of Rigger's uncle's future wife, Irene. It was revealed that Irene's nephew was actually her son, and he'd figured this out when he was nine, but never asked Irene about why she hadn't told him until she chose to reveal it to him. The rest of the chapter was from Chicky's point of view, and we found out why Miss Howe was so unpleasant, but she left before the end of the book, so we didn't even get the false sense of completion we got for the other characters. Rigger was my favorite character, he was the most interesting, and the one who straightened his life out the best, but after his chapter he was barely in the book.

I did enjoy most of the book, and the characters, but I was also frustrated by their morality. Many of them slept around, and Chickie lied for a great deal of her life, a situation that was never resolved, as she never told any of her family the truth. Freda's psychic powers were confusing, and abruptly introduced, when there had been no indication of magic or voodoo anywhere else in the book.

it wasn't a bad book, but it really wasn't a good book either.