Out of The Easy

Out of The Easy - Ruta Sepetys This book was a lesson to me that just because I loved an author's debut novel, I'm not guaranteed to feel the same about their second. I never connected to Josie. I found her lying and risk-taking annoying. She kept lying to save her mother even though she knew her mother didn't deserve it and the man she helped to murder deserved justice. She lied to both her potential love-interests. She lied to Willie, the woman who was helping her to get to better her life, even though Willie her self ran a whorehouse. I hated her stupidity in not telling Willie, quietly about the situation she found herself in, having to pay her mothers debt. I loathed the way that she resented her mother and felt she was better than her, yet came so close to becoming a prostitute herself.

Given Josie's love of books, you would think I would have loved her because of the shared interest, but she was just so stupid and frustrating that I couldn't even enjoy the interesting plot and excellent writing.