Angelhood - A.J. Cattapan This was a beautiful, heartbreaking book. The cover art is fantastic, and the poetry is incredible. I'm not an expert on Angelology (I think that's the word,) but I’m pretty sure that the way the angels are depicted in this book is not considered correct by the Catholic Church, which means that this is the first book, and the second story (the first being the film “It's a Wonderful Life,”) with inaccurate depictions of angels that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Nanette was annoying at first. She's just so selfish. But I felt bad for her because of DePaul's rejection of her, because of the way her father treated her, and because of the loss of her friend, especially because of the way that she lost her friend. Over the course of the book you can see that she has so much character growth. She realizes just how much she gave up when she made her selfish choice, and she gets an idea of how much she hurt the people that she cared about. I didn't think that she healed very much, from the pain of losing Ally, but other than that she had a beautiful transformative journey over the course of the book.

Vera was heartbreaking. She was so sweet, but so alone. She didn't need to be alone, but she felt that she did. I was so relieved when she got her, if not necessarily happy, at least satisfying, and potentially happy ending.

Cecille was another sweet character, and she was the cause of a lot of Nanette's character growth. I wish we could have seen her a little bit more, but at least we got to see Nanette’s interaction with her at the end of the book.

One of my favorite characters was Warren, but I was not as satisfied with his ending. I mean, he had a happy ending, but it wasn't satisfying for me. It didn't seem right that he was trying to hide his suicide from his mother, Ms. Kitchin, but he was doing that because he thought it would help her.

I guess the real reason why I was dissatisfied with the end of Warren’s story is because Nanette's wrapped up too quickly. Was Nanette's experience just a dream or was it real. Does her aunt die? Does her mother have breast cancer? Does Vera exist? Does Warren exist? Since Nanette got another chance at her life on earth, did Warren? Since Nanette was sent back two years to a couple weeks after her suicide attempt, maybe, is there any chance that in her time, Warren hasn’t attempted suicide yet? Is there a chance she could save him? Meet him? Develop a romantic relationship with him? I was relieved that for once in a YA book there wasn't a romantic relationship, but I thought that he and Nanette had a really good relationship, and I would have liked to see where it went if they both were alive at the end of the book, but we don’t even know if Warren really exists or if he was a part of a dream, and that's hard. I really wish we could have seen, if nothing else, an epilogue a number of months or years later, giving us more of an idea of what Nanette did with her life, and how much of her dream/experience actually happened.

The book tackles tough subjects. Depression, suicide, cutting, even a little bit of drugs and eating disorders.

There were a few inconsistencies. At the beginning of the book, Nanette is described as being unable to breathe or cry, but later she sighs I'm frustration, and cries over what she has lost. These inconsistencies can be explained away with the argument that by the time Nanette sighs and cries she had grown in grace.

I don't feel that this is the kind of book that will get a sequel, but I really, really want there to be one.