The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green I don't really know how I felt about this book. I didn't dislike it exactly, but I didn't really like either.

Most of Hazel's struggles seemed genuine, at least from the POV of someone who has never experienced cancer, but I just couldn't connect to her, which prevented me from getting emotionally attached. I liked Augustus better than I liked Hazel, but because I only got to know him through Hazel's first-person POV, and because I couldn't connect with Hazel emotionally, I didn't like him that much more than I liked her.

This book has some cussing, a sex scene, and lots of death and illness and lots of discussion of death and illness.

The way this book was written made me feel like its main purpose was to get the reader to cry, and the fact that I didn't cry was very disappointing.