The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest

The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest - Melanie Dickerson This book started off fairly slowly. It wasn't until halfway through that I started to get that can't-put-the-book-down that I love (and hate) so much. Once it got interesting, it really got interesting though. I thought that the mystery of who killed Jorgen's father was solved, but then it wasn't. I've heard that Melanie Dickerson intends to write a sequel to this one, and I'm not sure she has enough material to continue from Odette and Jorgen's POVs. The only thing in their story line that really needs to be resolved is who murdered Jorgen's father, and while there are a few other parts of the story that could be expanded upon, I almost feel those parts would be better explored from another character's POV. I'd really like to have a book about Kathryn. She has so much potential as a character, but most of it wasn't explored.

I did find myself struggling to figure out where Robin Hood and Swan Lake fit in this. I could see the inspiration of the two stories, but neither one played to full fruition, making me question whether this could really be called a retelling of them. Even something as simple as Jorgen's name being Jorgen instead of Siegfried, as in Swan Lake, and I struggled to try and figure out who was supposed to be Rothbart and who was supposed to be the Sherriff of Nottingham. We saw the 'black swan' moment at the masked party, but the woman fooling Jorgen didn't have any purpose other than to fool him. We never saw her again, and I think that it would have been very interesting to see more about 'Odile' and why she did what she did.

I did like the book a lot, I suggest it for fans of Melanie Dickerson, but my two favorites of her books still [b: The Healer's Apprentice|7826101|The Healer's Apprentice|Melanie Dickerson||10876284] and [b: The Princess Spy|21746534|The Princess Spy|Melanie Dickerson||41015617].