Talon - Julie Kagawa I enjoyed the book. The story was very good, and I liked most of the characters. I didn't really like having chapters from Riley's point of view. I really hate love triangles. Ember's romance with Garret was a fairly typical teen romance, it was cute, and I enjoyed it, but even forgetting all the complications, like with most teen romances, I didn't see it working out. Riley/Cobalt on the other hand kind of creeps me out a little. Especially on pages 179-180. I mean, I like the younger dragons that he's taking care of, and they trusted him, so he couldn't have been all bad. But why, in the midst of his rebelling against Talon, is he still buying the lie that 'I'm a dragon, so I don't have feelings or love, only instincts.' Ember questioned that, and it took him weeks to convince her about the rest of the lies Talon was telling her.

I also felt some resentment by the use of 'St. George' as the name of the fanatical, hateful, evil organization. I feel that does a disservice to the real Saint George, who, according to legend, killed a dragon to save a kidnap victim, who the dragon was (probably) going to eat. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy books where the dragons are good, I just don't like the use of Saint George and Catholicism in general as a villain maker.