Undercover Papist

Undercover Papist - Christian M. Frank Wow. This book was really good.

There was this little blurb thing at the beginning of the book that pretty much let us know that the shooter is still alive and free. Thank you JP2 High authors for not disappointing me with an easy ending to that plot line.

Allie didn't develop as much as she did in the last book, but she did come back to the Catholic Church. Yay! She went through some more hard times, where she couldn't feel Jesus's love, she experienced a lot of self-hate, and her character backslid some, which was hard to read about, but she did have some character growth, which was really good, and I really enjoyed seeing her resolve a conflict with some of the girls in her cabin I was kind of surprised that she wasn't more upset about Tyler's death, not because he was ever nice to her, but because she felt so guilty about Nikki's death. I know that she was the one who convinced Nikki to go to the dance, but the shooter was also targeting people she cared about. I'm pretty sure he shot Nikki on purpose because he wanted to hurt Allie, and I think that he aimed for George for the same reason. As for Tyler, sure she had broken up with him, and didn't like him anymore, but he was her ex-boyfriend, she knew him, and I highly doubt she wanted him hurt, much less killed. I really enjoyed her part in the big debate, and it felt pretty realistic, she didn't know a lot of apologetics, but she was still able to get her point across. I was glad to finally meet her dad, and hear more about her friendship with Nikki.

Brian had a lot of character growth, which was wonderful. He finally realized the Liz liked him (realized? Ha, he only found out because Allie told him outright.) He realized that he was rude (about time,) which again was Allie, even if she was rude to him to get him to understand that. I really enjoyed his debates and attempts to convince Allie to come back to the Church, but I did grimace when he told Mahoney he couldn't join the discussion, even if he was trying to obey Pastor Holtz.

Celia wasn't in this book as much, mostly just in the letter she wrote, which was really sweet. I really enjoyed it.

George wasn't in the book much, for the same reasons as Celia, but the author only included a small part of his letter.

J.P. was in the book more, (yay!) hanging out with Liz and Brian, spying on Bickerstaff. His letter to Allie was funny. I loved that he gave some really expensive books to Brian, and his mom then wanted them back (I assume he got in trouble for that.)

Liz was awesome in this book. She had a lot of character growth. Her reaction to the way that Brian hurt her felt real (except maybe the rock-throwing part.) She grew a lot, from the girl who manipulated Hank by pretending to have a crush on him, to someone who could successfully pull off a fake interview with the guy who she thought was sabotaging her school (even if she did loose her cool at the end and chew Bickerstaff out, giving away her identity.) I also really liked how she told Brian that when she really cared about someone she would do anything for them. Tryout to get on the Sparrow Hills cheerleading squad to protect her brother who is going to play football there? Check! Spend all her money to buy Brian a phone, and the pretend that she didn't have anything to do with it (thereby not getting any credit.) Check! I can't wait to see what she does in the next book.

James is as mysterious and creepy as ever. Celia made him write a letter to Allie, that was very formal, and somewhat rude. I still think that he might have a crush on Allie, but the letter didn't make it seem like it. And there was that disconcerting encounter in chapter 19, where he told her and her dad to 'get away' and 'leave him alone.' and the fact that he dropped a bullet casing (I'm assuming that's what that was.) It seems the authors want us to suspect that James is the shooter. Whether he is or not depends on whether they keep the books dipping towards the mystery genre, at which point they need to make the identity of the shooter surprise us.

Keenan is an interesting character. He's clearly a good man, but is actions in this book are anything but. He uses Allie, he let's her use him, even though he knows she's using him. I liked the way that they resolved the conflict in his character (letting Allie pull herself and him further into sin vs. the good Christian guy that he is so obviously trying to be) he endangered his own life to save Allie's. Now I really hope he shows up in the next book, at least a little bit, so we can find out what happens to him I am glad we got to learn more about Ginger. She is a wonderful character. I hope we see her again. We also learn a lot about Nikki, which was great. Even when she was alive we didn't get to know her very much in the other books, and this was a really great way to give us more insight into her character.

I still have the same grammar complaint as in the last book. ('I got to do this,' 'we got to do that' vs. 'I've got to do this, 'we've got to that,' etc.)

And now for my biggest complaint: The next book is out, I know that it's out. I've ordered from Barnes and Noble. Unfortunately I also preordered [b:The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest|22574726|The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest|Melanie Dickerson|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1424817984s/22574726.jpg|42042285] (release date May 12th) and [b:Curse of the Seer|23214079|Curse of the Seer|Daniel Schwabauer|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1411605008s/23214079.jpg|42756461] (release date June 10th) and Barnes and Noble failed to inform me that they wouldn't ship my entire order until all the books I preordered are out, which means I have to wait until June to get this book, as well as two others that I've been waiting for a long time for and really want to read. Thanks a lot Barnes and Noble. (sarcasm)

This was an excellent edition to the series. I can't wait to read the next book. In June. When Barnes and Noble finally sends me my books.