Rebel Belle

Rebel Belle - Rachel Hawkins First I'll start by saying that if I'd known this was the first book in the sequel I probably wouldn't have started it. Be that as it may, I'm sort of grateful I didn't know, because it was really good.

I like Harper. I probably wouldn't have liked who she was at the start of the book, but because everything changed for her so quickly, she changed into someone who I liked better pretty quickly. She's smart, snarky, funny and fashionable. I don't care about fashion at all, but it's pretty rare for me to read a book with a girl who loves fashion, and it was nice for a change. I liked how she didn't like cussing (neither do I,) and I liked how she did everything in her power to make it work with Ryan. I wasn't very appreciative of Harper's relationship with Ryan, because I knew it wasn't going to work, but I liked that she still tried to force it to work, because I think that that is a genuine action that many girls would take. Even though she rejected her 'destiny' at first, I was very surprised by how quickly Harper took her new abilities in stride.

I liked David. He was interesting and snarky enough to make a good match with Harper. I liked that he was so fashion blind that he actually created his own fashion. I liked that he wanted to help Harper when she was sick at the beginning of the book, even though they hated each other. I liked his awkwardness.

We didn't see enough of Bee for me to really get attached to her. She was the stereotypical loyal best friend. I liked her because Harper liked her, and she seemed like a good person. In light of the end of the book, I hope that we get some more character development from Bee in the next one.

I liked Ryan well enough, although he did annoy me with his half-serious jokes about wanting to 'help Harper out of that dress,' and his attempts to control her. I understand that she was ignoring him to the point that his trying to get her attention was understandable, but the way that it was presented made him seem annoying and controlling.

Harper's aunts were funny. They were unique, and they gave me the distinct impression that they knew more than they let on. That impression probably isn't true, but they certainly did remind me of the Fates.

Harper's parents were nice, especially her mother, but given how anxious her mother was whenever Harper was doing something non-supernatural, it did seem odd that she wasn't at all suspicious when she was doing something supernatural (not including the pool incident.)

Saylor was interesting, but we didn't get to know her very well. As with Bee, I was disappointed that we didn't see more character development, given the ending. Other people may disagree with me, but I actually like it when I'm attached to a character if they die, so I'm actually upset about it. That's not to say I like it when my favorite characters die (I'm looking at you J.K. Rowling) but if characters do die, I like to know them

I also really liked the stories about Harper's sister, but I wasn't sure where the story was going with it. Harper's needing to show the world that she isn't her sister, and her parents' fears, and her desires to protect her parents by not dying were all important things, but they weren't quite enough to make the this detail necessary... Now it could be foreshadowing... Foreshadowing that I don't like because I don't want Harper to pull a Tris.