The Darkest Minds

The Darkest Minds - Alexandra Bracken I suspect that if I had been able to read this straight through, it would've gotten the full five stars. Unfortunately school started and homework limited my reading time, giving me time to assess the things in this book that weren't perfect. Still, it's definitely worth four stars.

One of the biggest reasons that I'm giving this book as high a rating as I am is because of Ruby. Ruby is a fantastic main character. It's easy to identify with her. She is sometimes stupid, but we always hear her reasoning of why she does the things she does. Except her erasure of Liam's memories at the end, that one wasn't reasoned out very well, and it was out of character for Ruby, given her terror of doing that very thing.

Liam was nice. One problem is that I have trouble seeing the sweet, harmless Liam who feels guilty if he even just looses his temper. Don't get me wrong, he's a good character with a good conscience, but he didn't have the vulnerability that I felt he would need to be who Ruby, and the author describe him to be. I also felt that his romance with Ruby was forced. I can see how they could, eventually have something, but it was put in the story way to fast to be as strong as the author wants us to believe.

Chubs is amazing. He is snarky, and stuck up, and annoying, but in some ways he has more vulnerability than Liam ever shows. Chubs is actually my second favorite character (after Ruby.) The ending was really, really annoying. I mean, couldn't they just let us know whether he survived? Please? How could you do that to us? How could you do that to Chubs?

Suzume was sweet, and I thought she was a good character to contrast the other three main characters, so her abrupt departure was kind of disappointing. I do hope we will see her again.

Clancy is everything you might expect. Handsome, charming, a natural leader, and ultimately a colossal jerk and a creep. One thing I wasn't totally sure on was whether he raped Ruby. It was almost implied because he froze her and kissed her, and then she woke up, but I was never actually sure if he was so evil as to force himself on her.

I hope Sam is eventually able to restore the memories of the people whose memories she accidentally stole. There hasn't been much hope for her parents or Sam, but I was hoping from the beginning that she would be able to fix that, and the twist at the end will need to be corrected, and if she can correct that one, then she really should fix Sam and her parents. At least I hope so.

The first three quarters (at least) of the book were incredible. In addition to being interrupted by stupid homework, the book got a little bit boring when the characters got to East End, but it snapped out of it pretty quickly. In time to provide us with a really, really irritating ending. That ending, combined with the slightly boring part that I got stuck at because of homework were what knocked off a star. Alexandra Bracken's characters are amazing, and she's pretty good at stories, she just needs to work on her endings.