Rogue - Julie Kagawa I enjoyed this book, but there wasn't any improvement between it and Talon. It has the same flaws.

Ember: Ember is annoying. She is so hotheaded that she will endanger everyone she cares about just because she's too bored to stay in a hotel room. The dragon part of her has become much weirder than it was in Talon. In both books she refers to her dragon half as though it's a different person than she is. The main problem with this is that when she is a dragon she still seems like the human Ember. If she's always going to be talking about how her dragon wants something different then her human part, then when she is a dragon, there really ought to be a difference in the narration.

Garret: I like Garret. He's tortured, interesting and wrestling with what he was brought up to believe, and what he can see before his eyes. Add to that that he has fallen in love with Ember, and his problems are heartbreaking. I hope that his running off to see if Talon and the Order of Saint George are working together doesn't prevent him from being in the next book in the series.

Riley/Cobalt: Okay, let's be clear; I don't like Riley. I didn't like him in the last book, I don't like him in this one. He seems to think that Ember belongs to him. He treats her like a child, not telling her what he's doing or what's going on, but then expects her to behave in a mature way. While you might argue that he was waiting to treat her like an adult until she acted like one, often if you treat someone like a child then they will act without maturity. In the last book, there was a moment when I thought Cobalt was going to force himself on Ember. There was nothing like that in this book, but I still really don't like this character. I like what he is doing; trying to get dragons away from Talon, and, in the flashbacks I did like his narrative, but when he's with Ember, his behavior is just unpleasant.

Dante: I get the strong impression that Dante doesn't mean to be cruel, or betray Ember. The irritating thing is that each believes the other has betrayed them, making it so that there is probably no way for them to reconcile. Before I thought that Dante may have come out of the organization, but now it's clear that he is too deep in it to do anything of the kind. Plus, he's too ambitious. It's like hearing Harry Potter from Percy Weasley's point of view. Dante fully intends to come out on top. I wonder when he's going to attempt the assassination of the Elder Wyrm. I don't hate Dante. I certainly like him better than I like Riley, but he is headed down a bad path. Unless he, like Percy Weasley, has a change of heart (which seems much less likely in Dante than in Percy), then I think he's going to come to a bad end, even if he has usurped the Elder Wyrm's position by the time he does.

Wes: This is an interesting character, and one I'd like to hear more about. He's sarcastic and bitter, making him an unpleasant character, but somehow, he is still likeable in a way that Riley is not.

Mist: Mist is another interesting character with a lot of potential. Crazy though it might sound, I kind of hope that she might be a love interest for Dante.

There weren't a lot of other characters, and we didn't know them well enough to care when they betrayed the main characters. I do sort of hope that we see Tristan again, because he was interesting.

I only have one other comment, and that's the same one that I had with the first book: Saint George. Why? Why does the evil organization have to be named after a Catholic saint? I know, I know, legend says that Saint George killed a dragon, but can't the author come up with a more creative name for the organization? One that doesn't put me on the defense against possible anti-Catholicism?