The Selection

The Selection - Kiera Cass I like America Singer--mostly. She feels like a genuine person, not at all the Barbie parody I watched on the EpicReads YouTube channel. She never wanted to be a part of the selection, but was pressured by her family, and the man she was in love with, who broke her heart. Her inability to realise that Maxon loves her is frustrating, but I liked their relationship better when she viewed him only as a friend. The only times when I really didn't like America was when she was with Aspen.

Maxon is another great character. He is stuck in this unfortunate position even more than the girls are, they at least got to choose whether or not to sign up for this game. Maxon is sweet and caring. He cares for the feelings of each of the girls, though his blindness toward Celeste is irritating to say the least.

Aspen is annoying. The idiot let his pride get in the way of his relationship with America, which, in my mind at least, proves that he does not love her. Plus, a lot of their relationship seems to be based on lust, which is a pretty poor comparison to love. There is nothing wrong with a family where the woman is the main source of income. There isn't anything wrong with a man being the main source of income either, but Aspen doesn't have a problem with that. Am I crazy to think that he might be part of the rebellion?

The other characters are pretty good. Most of America's family is sweet, her mother seems like a bit of a caricature. Celeste is the typical mean girl, hopefully she'll get some more character later in the story. Marlee was sweet at first, but by the end she was just confusing. She had such a character switch. Part of me wouldn't be surprised if th Marlee who is keeping secrets teamed up with Celeste later in the series, though that's weird because the Marlee we met at first would not do such a thing. Character consistency would be a good thing. The other girls are nice, but we don't get to know them very well.

I do find myself a bit skeptical that the U.S. could be ruled by a king. I can absolutely see it coming under a dictatorship, but I feel like the ruler of said dictatorship would have to continue calling himself president instead of king to maintain the pretense of American democracy. Still, I can see why the titles king, queen, prince and princess would be necessary for a book like this. Who doesn't like a good princess story?

The story itself is like somethin my sister and I would have played with our Barbies, but in a dystopic setting, rather than the fairytale setting we preferred. I enjoyed the story.