The Last Words of Will Wolfkin

The Last Words of Will Wolfkin - Steven Knight I enjoyed this book, but it wasn't exceptional. Toby and Emma are both likeable characters, and I loved Eigel, but the magic was just too much. Whenever magic can make food appear and injuries disappear, things end up being too easy, and I'm afraid this book had both of those things happening. And rocks warning of betrayal? Please. I also knew that one character was being a traitor chapters ahead of when the main characters finally worked it out (heck, they didn't work it out at all, the character revealed himself to be a traitor in full view of everyone.) One other problem that I expect others will find frustrating is the ending. If people can come up with crazy theories about how Harry Potter's adventures are made up Harry himself was crazy, then the ending of this book will certainly make people think that of Toby. Like I said, I didn't hate this book, and I did enjoy parts of it, but there were just too many flaws.