Soundless - Richelle Mead I really enjoyed this book. The world building was very interesting, though, admittedly there could have been more of it. I liked the characters, and loved the way the author reintroduces us to our sense of hearing through Fei, who has never heard anything before, and doesn't know anyone who can hear. The ending felt too fast, but other than that I thought that it was paced well. The audiobook reader is very good as well. I would not have pronounce pixiu correctly if I had not been reading via audiobook, though the irony that I was listening to an audiobook about a village where no one could hear was not lost on me. Because I thought that the world this book was set in was very interesting, but the author did not explore it very much, I would really like to see another book set in this same place, and maybe get a glimpse of how Fei, Li Wei and Zhang Jing are doing through a new character on a journey of their own.