Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry - Mildred D. Taylor I really enjoyed this book. It felt very real. Fiction or no, the events in this book could actually have happened. I liked Cassie, though I didn't like everything that she did. The ending was stressful as well. Books need to have a climax, and then wrap up. This book had a climax, and a good one at that, but the wrap up was to short, and was not very satisfying. We're left wondering what will happen to T.J., and if the Logans will get to keep their land, and that is annoying. I also would have enjoyed something more with Jeremy Simms. He didn't have the racism and the meanness of the rest of his family, but Cassie's father tells Stacey not to bother being friends with him because he'll eventually become like his father. This isn't fair since Jeremy doesn't like his father, and doesn't get along with his family. I think there is something more to the fact that he sleeps in a tree, something to do with the unpleasantness of his family, but this wasn't addressed in the book. Hopefully it will be in the sequels, but it's still a bit disappointing because this book could almost stand alone, and its just a few little things that weren't addressed well at the end that messes that up. I still really enjoyed the book, but the ending really could've been done better.