Dandelion Man: The Four Loves

Dandelion Man: The Four Loves - W.M.J. Kreucher I'm not honestly sure how I feel about this book. It needed an editor. Typos, run-on sentences and page-long paragraphs made it rather difficult to read. The way that the story was framed was that the man was telling it to Corrine, the daughter of his first love. I can't help but feel that Corrine must have gotten a little bit bored when Wally would go of on tangents. I mean, she wanted to hear stories about her mother, not about how the football team at Wally's college won against Ohio, their biggest rival. There were some confusing names. The first love's name was Diane (but she was called Dee,) there was a very brief mention that one of Wally's sisters was named Diane, and his wife was named Dianne. The fact that the main character's initials match those of the author, makes me wonder if this may well be a nonfiction book (which makes me wonder why it's on the Catholic YA Fiction list) so it's possible that these confusing names are not the fault of the author. I had some difficulty reading a story all about the man's first love, all the while knowing that she married someone else.. As a reader, I couldn't help wanting Dee and Wally to end up together, even though I already knew that they didn't. If this is indeed a biography, then that is a part of the story that turned out for the better in life, but as a story, especially one that I had been thinking was fiction, it was rather disappointing. But perhaps if we'd actually gotten to know Wally's wife we wouldn't have minded nearly so much when Dee chose Mike.

I do like dandelions.