Freeing Tanner Rose (Faith & Kung Fu, #1)

Freeing Tanner Rose (Faith & Kung Fu, #1) - T.M. Gaouette This is a good book with realistic characters. My biggest complaint is that it wasn't long enough. I wish we would have gotten a more in depth look into Tanner's struggles. I cried during Allie's depression in [b: Summer of My Dissent|13232610|Summer of My Dissent|Christian M. Frank||18427405] and wept during Katie's in [b: Underlake|20939763|Underlake|Kia Heavey||40310425], but I didn't cry through Tanner's depression at all in this book, and because of that I don't think that Tanner's character was as strong as Gabriel's. Gabe never, at least as far as I can tell, suffers from a severe depression the way that Tanner did, so the fact that he didn't make me cry isn't as disappointing as the fact that Tanner didn't make me cry. I enjoyed seeing Gabe struggling to have patience and kindness even as Tanner was disrespectful to everything about him and his lifestyle, and I could identify with that. I was glad that we saw him crack sometimes, and do things that he regretted, which made him seem more human. I'm not saying that Tanner's struggles weren't real, but the only times she seemed truly desperate in a way that might have made me cry was when we were hearing Gabriel's point of view. I think it would have improved the book if the moment when she told Gabriel she was going to do something crazy if he didn't help her would have been from her point of view, and if we could've heard her thoughts leading to that moment. Because we didn't hear her thoughts, it's never even clear if she was considering suicide or just running away again, and I think it would have been more powerful if we had heard her thoughts in that moment.

Because I have more in common with Gabriel, it was just easier for me to identify with him. Because I don't have that much in common with Tanner, it was very important that she gain my sympathy, and she did, but not as strongly as she could have.

In spite of my complaints I really did enjoy this book. It addresses issues such as drugs, alcohol, addiction, overdose and the corruption of Hollywood, as well as some discussions on remaining pure for marriage.

If this is book one, where is book two?