Four: A Divergent Story Collection

Four: A Divergent Story Collection - Veronica Roth This book isn't exceptional. It's another book that seems to scream that the author is trying to squeeze more money out of a popular series. I didn't hate it. At least it did what the other three books in the series couldn't; it made me care about Four/Tobias. I still don't think he's right for Tris (especially the Tris in the first book,) but at least hearing about Marcus and Evelyn from his point of view made me sympathize with him, rather than just pitying him (while still disliking him) like I did in the other books. Seriously though, why didn't he tell Tris's parents that Abnegation was going to be attacked? They would have believed him. Instead he just slunk back to Dauntless without making sure that someone who would believe him was aware of the danger. Why even bother having him know if he wasn't even going to meet with Tris's parents or otherwise do something useful?