Steel - Carrie Vaughn Jill was not a very interesting protagonist. The premise for the book, and the plot was interesting, but when it's being led by a whiney, self-centered brat like Jill it gets harder to enjoy. I thought it was a little weird that there is like, voodoo magic with Blain and the sword, but it wasn't voodoo that brought her back in time, and the power of the sword seemed a bit stronger then is usually shown with voodoo. It's making it easier to fight and 'wanting' to spill blood seems like normal voodoo magic stuff, but it bringing a girl from another time and then sending her back? Not so much. At least the voodoo was portrayed as evil.

There was clearly a lot of research that went into this book and I enjoyed 'accidentally' learning about pirates and ships, but even with the interesting plot, Jill's blandness and whining was enough to bring down my rating to 2.5.