Elijah of Buxton

Elijah of Buxton - Christopher Paul Curtis This is a very powerful book. I liked Elijah's 'fragile,' kind, uncertainty, even as he tried to act grown up. He thought that he wasn't a strong person, as evidenced by the way he would parrot his parents, calling himself fragile, but even before the end of the book I thought he was stronger person then anyone thought. By the end he had grown up and grown even stronger. I found some of the unanswered questions heartbreaking. Did Mr. Leroy's family ever get out? Did Elijah get in trouble from his parents? Did he ring the liberty bell for Hope? Did Hope ever get to meet her biological parents again? Or did they die in captivity? I doubt if there will be a sequel, and the book doesn't really need one, but that doesn't stop me from wishing for one. This is one of the best historical fiction books of this time period that I have ever read. Sadly, I'd never heard of Buxton before, it seems to have been skipped over in American history books.