The Screwtape Letters

The Screwtape Letters - C.S. Lewis This is an interesting book that really makes you think. I would be listening to it on audiobook when I should've been doing my homework, and I could practically hear Screwtape saying; "While it's best to keep her from doing anything spiritual, if she reads a spiritual book while she should be attending to her other duties, she is not doing what the enemy wants her to." Which was actually rather disconcerting, and would often her enough to make me pause the audiobook and do homework.

This book has so many things that have continued to be relevant today, and maybe is more relevant then it was when it was written. The audiobook had what was basically a commencement address from Screwtape to the demons graduating and moving on to work at tempting humans, and so many of the things that he predicted have been happening lately. The insights on democracy were things I'd never considered before, and it seems rather frightening, but I can see the truth in the statements. C.S. Lewis was a very wise man.