Fairest: Levana's Story

Fairest: Levana's Story - Marissa Meyer I can't deny that I feel bad for Levana in this book, but even from the first page of the book I could tell that there was something not quite right with this girl, and it wasn't just because I knew she would turn into one of the scariest villains I've read about. Even knowing that I was surprised by just how uncomfortable it was to be in her head. I guess I went into the book expecting to be able to sympathize with her, at least at first, but I couldn't. I pitied her, yes, and I felt bad for her, but her emotions just felt a little bit off, which prevented me from truly being able to care about her. And while all of that could almost have been because I knew how evil she was going to end up, I really wanted to be able to care about her so I could mourn the person she used to be while hating who she became.

The only time when Levana felt normal was in the flashback to when she and Channary were children. When we saw the moment that Levana was nearly destroyed. I think it was that moment that led to her emotional and mental instability. The indifference of her parents probably didn't help, and the fact that she was living in such a debaucherous household, with indifferent parents, but there are some people who could have lived in those kinds of conditions and still end up a good person.

I was surprised and delighted to see that even in all of her other evil pursuits, Channary still loved Selene (aka Cinder.) Levana worried that Selene would grow up to be as awful as Channary was. That was one of the things she used to justify her murder of the three-year-old, yet Selene had Winter and Evret Hayle as good influences, so I don't think she could ever have been as awful as Channary, especially, though I hate to say it, because Channary died, removing the most prominent bad influence from Selene's life. Yet, though I don't think Cinder would have been nearly the evil person her mother was had she grown up in the palace, I still think that her upbringing as a poor, overworked, hated cyborg on earth and without her powers of manipulation probably helped her to be a much better person then she would have been had she grown up on Luna. I guess we'll never know.

I enjoyed seeing the way that Jacin Clay, Winter and Selene as children, and the way they already seemed to fit together as a family. I enjoyed this book and don't mind it as a novella but I didn't love it, and I don't think that it was necessary (granted I have yet to read Winter, but still.)