The Crown of Ptolemy - Rick Riordan I enjoyed this book, I really did, but it’s practically Percy Jackson with Norse gods. Heroes go on quest. Heroes have to deal with weirdly funny dangerous situations. Heroes barely stop the end of the world. Heroes get ready for next battle to save the world. Magnus was the same snarky, humorous, sassy, sarcastic guy as Percy Jackson was (okay, maybe just a little bit sassier.) There were a few unique characters (Hearthstone, for one) but mostly they were variations of Percy Jackson characters with different faces. I will continue to read the books for two reasons, the first being that, for some reason, I enjoyed this book, even if it was a repeat, and the second being that there is a good chance that the next book will not follow the same Percy Jackson formula, what with Annabeth showing up and all. Maybe the next book, instead of being another near miss with Ragnarok, will have a battle between the Norse gods and the Greek/Roman gods. Or the children of those gods trying to stop a battle between them. I guess I sort of want to see what Annabeth, Percy and the other Olympian characters are up to, and I want to see what sort of weird reactions occur when Magnus and Annabeth find out about the different sets of gods.