Prodigy - Marie Lu It's been a long time since I read Legend, but I remember being blown away by it, then all my attempts to get into Prodigy failed and I thought I was suffering from a reading slump. It turns out Prodigy just wasn't all that good. Day and June were boring characters. Tess was sweet but unexceptional. In fact, the only character I found particularly interesting was Kaede and she died. There were moments where the characters seemed stilted, and moments where what they were doing just didn't make any sense (Day is practically dying from pain in his infected leg, then June sits in his good leg and they start making out.) Day and June's relationship doesn't feel real, and the scenario of the plot is similar to all the other YA dystopic society book. It did get interesting in the last one and a half hours of a ten hour audiobook. Because the small snippet of interesting plot I will probably give Champion a try.